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When Jessica Schultz was introduced to curling at 12 years-old, her competitive passion for the unique, strategic sport was awakened. Even as she grew into a multi-national & worldwide champion, Olympian, and mentor, her heart stayed in Alaska. Eventually, she knew she'd come home. Following her passion as she had from day one, it was on a flight to Anchorage that curlAK was born: a grassroots non-profit with the mission to invite and provide Alaska’s youth with opportunities to engage, expand, and excite the local curling community.



We are a local Alaskan non-profit registered as a 501(c)(3)—meaning our passion drives our business, not our pockets.


At curlAK, we’re on a mission to share one of the oldest established sports in Alaska with a non-traditional twist.


Whether we’re hosting unique classroom curling experiences, engaging in rural youth outreach programs, or teaching Blackwater Railroad how to curl (yes, we did that), we know we can bond our unique Alaskan youth to an uncanny, traditional sport—enough to build new curling clubs, new sports programs for young curlers, and, most of all, a new kind of curling community.



The curling house, that is.

Young Alaskans are the future of our communities. And with a new curling community rapidly growing before us, we can’t afford to slow down.


Curling is an all-inclusive sport: it’s not discriminatory, aggressive, or independent by nature. This makes it a fantastic sport for creating friendships, community, and youth engagement across the state.


And in Alaska, we are isolated from the national opportunities and support our curling community needs for growth.

Here at curlAK, we’re on a mission to bring the activities, equipment, events, and community to young Alaskans statewide.


We just need your help getting there.

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